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A Morning at the Farmer’s Market

I’ve been counting down the days until the Fayetteville Farmer’s market opened back up again for spring. This past weekend, the wait was finally over! Saturday market’s have continually been one of my very favorite things about living in Fayetteville. It was always the place to be on the weekends during college, my favorite activity to bring my family to when they came to visit, and has continually been Clayton and I’s favorite way to fit in a little Saturday morning date.


I always love to grab a coffee before we start walking around, it’s a good way to warm up on chillier mornings!


The market has some of the best local produce. Prices are usually pretty comparable to normal grocery stores, but since it was so early in the spring, they didn’t have a huge variation of fruits and vegetables. Lot’s of carrots, kale, and leafy-greens.



The handful of busking groups also make for a happy, folksy live playlist as you walk around the square. Featured above is hands-down the best group at the market, conveniently called “Farmer and the Markets


As if it’s not good enough already, on market Saturday’s, everyone brings their pup along. I about died when I saw this beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog. It’s definitely my dream dog. I kinda fell in love.


My absolute favorite thing about the Fayetteville Farmer’s market? The flowers! The flower selection is seriously unmatched, and those prices are pretty too. I can always count on coming home with a handful of fresh blooms for the house.


After our lovely morning at the farmer’s market, we walked to the cutest little coffee shop right off the square. It’s only a few months old and the specialize in, get this, toast! They have a great selection of sweet and savory toasts on wheat, white, or sourdough breads. They are owned by Arsaga’s at the Depot, so you know it’s good!


I grabbed a delicious almond-milk lavender latte to-go and ran across town for a lunch meeting with my love. I’d say it was a pretty successful Saturday!


Don’t you just love the farmer’s market? I may be a little biased but I do think we have the best one here in Fayetteville. If you missed out this past weekend, be sure to make plans to go this coming weekend! A morning well spent.

style 004

This past week, in honor of NWA Fashion week, I had the opportunity to do a series of style posts for the Mustache Goods & Wears incorporating one of my favorite do good brands, 31 Bits

I love that something self focused can be used to look outward and impact the world around us. 31 Bits does an incredible job at matching great aesthetic and design with a powerful cause. Everything they do is 100%, matching their passion for empowering women. 








I had so much fun with this project, and its getting me anxious to have spring here already! You can read more about 31 Bits on our brand spotlight, and you can see the full style posts of the pictures above on the Mustache Goods & Wears blog

style 003

In my job at The Mustache, a local boutique here in Fayetteville, I have gotten the opportunity to flourish. Recently, I took on the role of blogging for the store. This includes product spotlights, employee interviews, style posts, etc. Needless to say, I love it. Especially the style post part. I feel like I’m finally stepping closer to figuring out what I love and what I’m semi-good at. 

With NWA fashion week starting, I decided to do a style post a day incorporating clothes from the store + my favorite do-good brand 31 Bits. I started the week off with a brand spotlight on who they are and what they do. You can read about it here. I love style and fashion, but even more so, I love fashion with a cause. It adds so much more depth and meaning to something that could be so easily self absorbed. 

I wanted to share some photos I took last week, and will continue to update my personal blog as I update the store blog.





Floral Pants: Darling, $79, The Mustache Goods & Wears
Necklace: 31 Bits, $36