Decorating For Valetines Day On A Budget

One of my favorite day’s of the year is quickly approaching and I couldn’t not take some time to decorate my space for the occasion. I love taking a little section of my home and using it as a place to decorate for the holidays or seasons that come and go. Growing up, my mom always had a little entry way that was decorated beautifully for every holiday you could imagine. She used any excuse to spruce up our front entry table and make it festive for our family and guests. I’ve recreated the same thing in my little apartment and love taking the time to get creative with the ways I decorate.


As most of you know, I recently graduated college and am currently in my first full-time design job. What does that mean for decorating? It means one of my top priorities is living on a budget and making the most of what I have. When a set up like this is changing for various holidays, you don’t want to spend a fortune on the decorations anyways. So, I’m going to be sharing some ways you can decorate your space for Valentine’s Day on a budget this year!

1. Pick A Space – Pick a space that will be seen by both you and your guests so that all your decorating will be appreciated instead of hiding in a corner! You also want to find a spot that is reasonably sized so you aren’t spending a ton of time and resources to fill a huge space that will be changing out frequently anyways. The best space for me has been right above my bar-cart/shelf area. It’s right by the front door and changing decorations just really fit the space.


2. Gather Prints – One of my favorite things to use as decor is a variation of prints that fit the occasion. Real prints can be expensive, so I like to use greeting cards instead! I always keep my eye out for cute ones that would be fun for giving or hanging and stock them up throughout the year. They can range from $1-$6 so it’s a lot more affordable than buying $20 prints for your wall. Utilize old magazines, too! I love using Darling Magazine. They always have gorgeous imagery.


3. Color-Coordinate Your Accessories – I try to gather whatever I have in my home that coordinates with the colors of the holiday. For Valentine’s Day, I grabbed a couple liquor bottles that had red in the label, a couple books, one being Cuddle Sutra (which is seriously the cutest book ever and a great gift for Valentine’s Day. It’s a book of cuddle positions!), and a jar full of themed-straws! These are such a fun, easy addition to your decoration. Target has a ton of color/pattern options that are super affordable. Not to mention, they’re great for events you may throw!


4. Display Your Valentines – I found the cutest little cardboard mailbox from Hobby Lobby and I just had to get it for this year’s display! It was only $6 and all it took was a coat of white paint! I used it to put all my DIY homemade valentines in!

5. Card Holders – Card Holders  are a great way to display some of your favorite cards, photos, or prints and they add a dynamic feel to your display since most of them are flat on a wall. I put my my favorite valentine’s cards from Hammerpress in mine.


Voilà! Hopefully by now you have a fun decorated space that didn’t cost a fortune and gets you and your guests excited for Valentine’s Day!


PS. Are you wondering where I got my prints and cards? See below!

1 | Just a simple pantone swatch printed out at work! (practically free!) 2 | Hand-made by a friend. Call up your artsy friends and commission them! 3 | Made by me in my last DIY Valentine’s post! 4 | Postcard from Hammerpress  5 | Greeting Card from Trader Joes. They have a great selection of cards for 99 cents! 6 | I got this print from Roll & Tumble Press at their print sale here in Fayetteville last spring. 7 | Card from Shindig Paperie 8 | Card from Hammerpress 9 | Trader Joes 10 | Cut out from Gather Magazine 11 | Cut out from Darling Magazine

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