Still Alive.

Here’s the deal, friends. I want to be completely honest here. I feel stuck. This space, I love it, but I’ve let it fall by the wayside. Hence, why I’m posting this. I was so stinking sick of coming to my blog and seeing that the last post I did was from thanksgivingI had to see something more inspiring than a thanksgiving table. Hence the cute pink photo from tumblr.

I saw that photo, and while I was mostly looking for a prettier first image than a table of food, it really felt familiar. That photos is empty but has so much brilliant, beautiful potential. That’s just how I feel about the Colour Journal. It’s not getting the attention it needs, it’s pretty empty, but it’s got so much potential.

My day-to-day is creative. I’m a graphic designer, I’m a freelance blogger, I’m a content creator. Creativity is my fuel to get my through the day. Yet, I come home at the end of the day, having no time or energy to pour into this little space. When I create fun blog content for clients, all I can think of is how this is what I wish I could be doing for the Colour Journal. 

I have no idea what this year looks like for the blog. I do know this, I’m sick of having to come back to this space once a year kicking myself for not giving it the attention it needs. I think it’s easy for me to have a spurt of passion and crank out tons of content at once, and get burned out. It’s missing the year-long consistency because I tend to put too much on my plate at once.

Here are two things I know I want to implement into the Colour Journal this year:

  1. Consistency in my content. Less content more frequently. Instead of having half a year of great content and the other half empty and uninspired, I want to do less for longer (the entire year).
  2. Sacrifice. I know this space is not getting the attention it deserves because of my full freelance schedule. I want to sacrifice a little by working a few hours less in order to have time to devote to this space consistently.

Thanks to my circle of friends (online and real life) that have encouraged me in my journey with the Colour Journal. I’m excited for it’s potential. 2016, you’re lookin’ pretty good.

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