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I’ve always loved Thanksgiving for a few reasons. Sitting around a table with people you love, enjoying a home-cooked meal with leftovers for days, and it’s the holiday that kicks off the christmas season.

I always look forward to waking up to sharing a cup of coffee with my dad in the early hours of the morning and watching the Macy’s Day Parade with my sisters until it’s time to prepare for our Thanksgiving lunch.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it is centered around togetherness and gratitude. It let’s you rest (post meal) and spend time enjoying each other without an agenda.

Last week, Clayton and I had a little pre-Thanksgiving dinner with his brother and sister-in-law. We got to ring in the season with home-cooked goodness and a pretty fall-themed table setting. I love any excuse for a dinner party, and the fast approaching holiday seemed like the perfect excuse!


Decorating a table has to be one of the most fun things about having a dinner party. I went the easy, disposable route by using paper plates and napkins. Luckily, Shindig Paperie has no lack in adorable, season-themed party supplies to make your hosting beautiful without the clean up.


On the Menu:
Meat + Cheese Board
Fall Kale Salad
Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Maple Bacon Brussel Sprouts
Lemon-Pepper Rotisserie Chicken


Hosting a dinner like this was so fun and makes me that much more eager to get home to Dallas for the holidays to recreate it with my family.

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions and recipes? Do you have any hosting-hacks to make life a little easier?

Table Decoration and Accessories provided by Shindig Paperie

Backyard Camping

If you know me at all, you know I am more the glamping type than the camping type. I came to the Arkansas, the ‘natural state’, for college, and camping was a common outing on the weekends for my peers. Growing up in Dallas, camping was never something my family did, and definitely wasn’t something I did with my friends. With Devils Den State Park only 20 minutes away from my college campus, I would frequent for hikes with friends. Somehow, though, I made it a full four years without ever having had the experience of camping.

On my senior year bucket list, I scratched in the words ‘go camping!!!’ along with other activities that I thought would be my last. Well, I never went camping, and I am now living post-grad life in the town I spent my college years in. Two things I didn’t expect. That same desire to have the camping experience stuck around and as fall rolled around and the leaves began to change, I knew I had to make this happen.

I picked a weekend, got a group, and hopped onto the state park website to reserve a campsite, when I realized that, unfortunately, the weekend I was trying to go was all booked. Luckily, the group I was going with was a little more optimistic than me and suggested that we camp in their backyard! These two, Sarah and Josiah, are friends of Clayton and I. They live in a cute little house on a big property, fully equipped with a fire pit, firewood, and room to set up a tent. So, that’s just what we did. 


This Boom Chicka Pop kettlecorn made the perfect around-the-fire snack. Plus, that packaging, right? Couldn’t pass it up. 


For our dinner, we did Sweet Potato “Cheese” Fries. I pre-cooked some homemade sweet potato fries and brought them along. We each made foil into a little bowl and piled in sweet potato fries, Daiya dary-free pepperjack ‘cheese’, crumbles of bacon (also made beforehand), and green olives. We stuck it in the fire for the cheese to melt and WOW. A perfect paleo-friendly camp dinner. So yummy. Who doesn’t love guilt-free cheese fries!?


For breakfast in the morning, we had a potato breakfast hash. We definitely utilized the house for this meal. We made roasted potatoes and vegetables topped with an egg, green onion, and bacon. yum.


Backyard camping turned out to be a great first step into the camping world. I got to experience sitting around a fire, cooking hobo-bag dinners, going to bed early because there’s not much else to do, sleeping outside in a tent, bundling up in a sleeping bag, and waking up to birds chirping and the crisp air of an early morning. But, there was the luxury of a bathroom and kitchen and a convenient place to change and brush my teeth. It may be camping for wimps, but it was just right for me. Next time, I’ll bring an air mattress too 😉

Have you ever been backyard camping?



Hi, friends! Must say, that Europe recap I just finished kinda took it out of me. For those of you who have followed along and browsed through the trip recaps, kudos to you! As you can tell, the Colour Journal got a bit of a facelift, and I am super excited about this new direction. It just feels more me. 

So I wanted to take some time today and update y’all on my life lately. I feel like I haven’t really done a good life-recap in quite a while. I got back from Europe in mid-July and everything has just felt like a whirlwind since then.


WORK: The obvious question and the biggest filler of my time these days. What in the world I’m doing with my life is a topic that comes up frequently. When I returned to Fayetteville in late July, I was full-force job searching. Every day I would get up and spend the day sending out resumes, reaching out to people I knew in the area, tweaking my resume, interviewing with companies, etc. This continued for about 2 months. Seriously, guys, this felt like the longest two months of my life. Job searching is NO joke. It pretty much drains every ounce of confidence you had about adulthood and makes you wonder how you’re ever going to make it to that dream job. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic here, but these two months were full of ups and downs of feeling helpless, then hopeful, and repeat. As I continued this process, I was so confused and frustrated as to why nothing was really biting. Then, all of a sudden, I got a few offers at once. Should’ve known it would work out that way. Regardless, I’m so thankful it did!


I am working as a design intern at a shopper social media company called Collective Bias. Y’all. I seriously don’t think I could have ended up in a cooler spot. Since my interview, I have felt so at home at this place. Just a few of the perks include: um, getting to DESIGN, casual attire, DOG-FRIENDLY OFFICE (seriously, pups are usually the first to greet me in the morning), incredible team, etc. I really could go on and on but I will just leave it with this: I truly, truly love it.

The other half of my time is spent working with a handful of different clients as a freelance designer and blogger. I have absolutely loved the flexibility I’ve had to spend half my time working with a ton of amazing people and companies who believe in me and my work. Ah, seriously, guys. No better feeling than to work with incredible people, doing what I love, daily. Such a gift. One of my favorite client’s is Shindig Paperie. I jumped on in September to get their blog going and have loved the creative freedom I have been given with their brand. Pretty much every single product is swoon-worthy, so it makes my job pretty easy. You can see more of what I’ve been doing with Shindig Paperie here!

Overall, I love what I’m getting to do. If you would have asked me a year ago what I thought I’d be doing post-college, it probably would look a little bit different. I would have expected to be working 9 to 5 in one spot, making a consistent salary, and feeling like I had adulthood under my beltHaha. My post-grad life has turned out to be a little different, but I’m just so thankful. Loving to wake up and go to work every day is such. a. gift. Getting to use my passions and talents with incredible people and businesses is such. a. gift. One thing I’ve learned so far that I think I’ll keep with me for a while: passion is more valuable than a paycheck. 


LOVE: You know I gotta do a lil update on my love life though. Ah. *Insert sigh here*. So, I’ll just leave it at this. Almost a year ago I met that handsome man (featured above). Almost a year ago I let love conquer fear. Almost a year ago everything changed. And it’s been almost a year of bliss and joy and learning and growing and understanding grace and the gospel and life with him is just better. I’ll be posting our full ‘story’ on our one-year, yay! Stay tuned for that…


LIFE IN GENERAL: Good. Hard. Refining. I feel like every single day I’m reminded of how much I have to learn about this thing called life. I don’t really think anything could have prepared me for true adulthood. It’s hard and it’s scary and it’s liberating all at once. It builds you up and tears you down. You’ve got the world at your fingertips but you’ve also got bills to pay and reality to deal with. It’s hard to know the balance. It’s hard to know what’s the “right way” because usually there’s not one, but it doesn’t stop me from trying to find it. I guess I’m just slowly realizing that I stepped into post-grad life searching for the map everyone was using, only to find out no one actually ever had one. Which, that in and of itself can be both freeing and paralyzing at the same time.

Right now, it’s about enjoying the process. Savoring small moments. Finding peace in the unknown. Thanks for following along, friends.