European Travels Part 7: Paris

Oh, Paris. Seriously, where do I even begin with this city. The intricate details in every building’s architecture, the sidewalk cafes around every corner, the bakerys that are a feast for the tummy and eyes, the style, the romance…I could truly go on and on. Paris was everything I anticipated and more.

One of my favorite moments of the trip was our first night in Paris when we first approached the Eiffel Tower. We were in awe, it was as though the heavens collided and we felt as though we had made it. And then, as if we were the starlets of some romance film, the Eiffel Tower started sparkling and shining it’s countless lights against the gradient of a perfectly-timed sunset. Paris *sigh*

I’m so excited to share my time in Paris with you all. My photos won’t even begin to do this city justice, all I can do is urge everyone to go and see it for yourself.


Sidewalk Cafes can be found around every corner. They are not seldom in this city. Sit and enjoy a drink, people watch, relax. My best moments of traveling happen like this.


Since we were on a budget and in our last city and in the most expensive city, we had to choose between The Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay. We went with the latter, and it did not disappoint. We hard heard from multiple people that the Musee d’Orsay was by far the better deal, more bang for your buck. Definitely recommend!


The Luxembourg Garden is a great place to walk, read, or picnic! It’s filled with tons of trees, flowers, sculptures, and the beautiful Luxembourg Palace!


Canal Saint-Martin is a must-see for those of you who want to really experience the culture of Parisians. This is a spot that you’ll find lined with locals, sharing a bottle of wine or smoking a cigarette. Lining the river is a handful of fun design shops and Parisian restaurants. We loved people watching from the river and strolling down the street of the Canal St. Martin.


Montmartre is arguably one of the best neighborhoods of Paris. When you think of the quaint, romantic streets of Paris, this is the area you think of. Quiet, cultured, and not-too-showy, Montmartre is the place to be. Luckily, this is actually where we stayed during our 5 days in Paris. Not to mention, the Airbnb we stayed in was probably one of the best.


The beautiful Sacré-Cœu is located at the top of the hill in Montmartre and is well worth the steep incline. The view from the top is a great one, and you’ll be surprised to find many artists and restaurants at the top.


One of the things that made Paris unforgettable was the fact that we had a friend, Joris, who lives in the city. Joris studied abroad at OU for a semester where he met Hannah. After a year, Joris headed back to Paris, and this was the first time we had seen him since! For the last couple days of our trip, we got to explore this city with none other than a Parisian local! It made all  the difference, especially having him as our personal translator!


Of course  we made our way to the Pont Des Arts bridge where years of love stories have left their mark. Unfortunately, the real bridge is getting removed do to the weight of the bridge from all the locks, We put our lock on a similar area where people have began to re-locate their locks.


Our last night in Paris consisted of bread, cheese, wine, and macaroons from local shops around Montmartre. We brought our goodies to a spot underneath the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed our last night in this magical city. We kept our gaze on the iconic structure until once again, as it greeted us when we first arrived in Paris, the tower lit ablaze with twinkling lights against a beautiful sunset. Oh, Paris. We love you so.


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  • Picnic at the Eiffel Tower. Make sure to make it in time to see the sunset! The tower lights up every hour!
  • Montmartre – Stay here, explore here, get lost here. The dreamiest part of Paris.
  • Stop at as many sidewalk cafe’s as you can; to eat, to people watch, to rest, etc.
  • Visit the Musee D’Orsay
  • Take a walk around the Luxembourg Gardens
  • The Notre Dame is a must-see. There are also a ton of street vendors selling arts or little trinkets. A great spot for unique, authentic souvenirs.
  • Make your way up to the Sacre Couer. A beautiful overlook of Paris.
  • Baguettes, macaroons, wine. Enough said.

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