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European Travels Part 7: Paris

Oh, Paris. Seriously, where do I even begin with this city. The intricate details in every building’s architecture, the sidewalk cafes around every corner, the bakerys that are a feast for the tummy and eyes, the style, the romance…I could truly go on and on. Paris was everything I anticipated and more.

One of my favorite moments of the trip was our first night in Paris when we first approached the Eiffel Tower. We were in awe, it was as though the heavens collided and we felt as though we had made it. And then, as if we were the starlets of some romance film, the Eiffel Tower started sparkling and shining it’s countless lights against the gradient of a perfectly-timed sunset. Paris *sigh*

I’m so excited to share my time in Paris with you all. My photos won’t even begin to do this city justice, all I can do is urge everyone to go and see it for yourself.


Sidewalk Cafes can be found around every corner. They are not seldom in this city. Sit and enjoy a drink, people watch, relax. My best moments of traveling happen like this.

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European Travels Part 6: Amsterdam

Ah, Amsterdam. The city of bikes, good design, and wonky buildings painted different colors on every street. Amsterdam is a city that is filled to the brim with rich culture and a laid-back lifestyle I could definitely get used to. With streets that line canal after canal, more bikes than people, and a value for it’s sweets, Amsterdam is a place you don’t want to miss.

We had about 4 days in Amsterdam and our favorite part of the whole trip was our Airbnb. Seriously, we lucked out. The apartment we stayed in was in a hip residential area called Oud-West, which is seated right behind the infamous VondelPark. Not only was our location a perfect distance from the hustle and tourism of the city center, but the streets were conveniently filled with markets, restaurants, and cafe’s to meet all of our needs. You can rent it yourself here!


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