Back From Hiatus!


Hellooooo online world! What in the world. Days passed, then weeks, and a month later I realized that I have not kept up with this little online journal at all. Maybe it’s the stress of graduating and trying to find a job, maybe it’s planning for my Europe vacation, maybe it’s being distracted by a relationship, but at the end of the day, I’ve missed this little space and decided to come back from my month long hiatus.


So, what in the world have I been doing this past month?

1. I graduated. Yikes. It’s an exciting, but scary time, full of leads and applications and rejections and wondering what in the world I’ll be doing for work. It’s hard to not let fear of the unknown shadow your expectations, hopes, and dreams. It’s a fine line trying to balance dreams and reality. It’s not natural to dream big but have to start small. I’m doing my best to embrace the process and trust Jesus in the meantime.

2. I decided to stick around in Fayetteville. Yup. If you would’ve told me I would stay in Fayetteville post grad, I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s a wonderful town, full of creatives, close knit community, and the best Farmers Market around, but I just always thought my time here would end after college. Meeting a Jesus-lovin, car-door-opening, sweet-as-can-be guy kinda changes plans, doesn’t it?

3. I got my wisdom teeth out. Yikes. Chimpmunk cheeks for days.

4. I went on a road trip! That’s what summer is for, right? Clayton and I took a week long roadtrip through Nashville to Charleston, SC. We got to stay with so many new and old friends, and it was a trip to remember. I’ll be posting a little recap of our trip tomorrow, so check back on the blog for photos + a little recap video.

5. Europe is fast approaching. Yesterday I drove back to my hometown, Dallas, TX to prepare for my four week trip to Europe with my two best friends, Hannah & Kristie. We will be traveling to Barcelona, Florence, Rome, Venice, London, Amsterdam, and Paris. To say we are excited is an understatement. With only a week before we leave, we are using this week to prep our packing lists, grab last minute items, and combine three wardrobes into one. Wish us luck!


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