Dreamers + Achievers: Trisha Logan of Shindig Paperie

Trisha Logan is a wife, mom, designer, and small-business owner out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Her store, Shindig Paperie is an eclectic shop filled with beautiful prints, stationery, and various paper goods. In addition, Shindig offers a variety of invitation design services for brides, events, and more. Trisha and her shop have made a beautiful mark on downtown Fayetteville (and Bentonville!), and today she is here to share her story.


1. How did Shindig Paperie begin? I was working as a designer/creative director for a paper company that was experiencing a lot of change. My good friend, a sales rep in the paper/gift industry, and I sat around and talked into the wee hours of the evening several times about opening a dreamy little paper shop in Fayetteville until we finally decided to bring our ideas into reality. A great little affordable space off Dickson Street came open and we had 48 hours to decide if we wanted to take it, and we did. Thus, Shindig was born.


2. What were some jobs you had before deciding to open Shindig, and how did they aid you in the process of opening up the store? I worked in apparel product development for a big box retailer, which was my first job out of graduate school. After taking maternity leave with my first child, I really didn’t relish the notion of returning to the corporate grind, and I lucked into a job working from home as a pattern/print designer for a paper company. I spent nine years with that company before opening Shindig. 


3. How has the store evolved over the past couple years? Firstly, my business partner moved away 7 months after we opened and sold her interest in the store back to me, which was a major change. At that time I decided to leave my job and focus on Shindig full time. We also moved from our original tiny location to our current one on Block Street. Currently, we’re opening our second location in Bentonville. We are opening that shop on April 3rd and are super excited about it! 


4. What are the most difficult and rewarding things about being a business owner? Time management is the most difficult, without a doubt. I wear so many different hats, just as a business owner, and that’s not even touching on my responsibilities to my family. It’s extremely hard to juggle all of the different roles. Conversely, that’s also probably one of the most rewarding aspects: juggling all those roles, being my own boss, and getting to shape the vision for Shindig.


5. Best memory with Shindig so far? Being a part of so many people’s momentous occasions. Weddings, births, birthdays and celebrations are awesome events that lead to a lot of excitement. It’s an honor to get to hear their life and love stories, which are all so different.  


6. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? A friend of mine recently told me, “Just focus on the excitement and it will drive the success.” That’s really helped me to get through the process of growing the business. There’s a lot of self doubt and stress and worry that comes with growth and change, but so much of that doubt is unproductive. It’s way more productive to stay positive and enthusiastic.


7. What are some of your favorite things to do in your free time? Free time? What’s that? Okay, that was a totally cliche answer, but I seriously don’t get a whole lot of free time. When I do, of course I spend time with my family. We try to leave town on weekends that I don’t work. My boys both love music, art and anything involving the outdoors so our weekends usually involve those activities. If we stay in town and at our house, work tends to find me. I also love design research through print/magazines, online or popping in shops and galleries/museums whenever I am on the road. 


8. How do you stay creatively inspired and motivated? I’m not always creatively inspired or motivated. There’s a natural ebb and flow for creativity, and I think that recognizing that cycle is healthy. I’d like to say there’s a perfect way to stay motivated and creative, but there’s really not. I guess the important thing is to really embrace the times when you’re feeling motivated and creative. Maximize the potential of those times. The other times, just slog away at it. You never know when inspiration might strike, but it’s not going to strike if you’re not open to it.


9. What is some encouragement or advice that you would give to others who are thinking of one day opening up their own small business? Stay true to your vision. Don’t get wrapped up in competition and what other businesses are doing. Also, be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to address those deficiencies.


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