Spotlight: Phil Chester

This morning, I stumbled across a photographer by the name of Phil Chester out of Portland, OR. What began as a quick glance at a few photos evolved into an hour of distraction, scanning each collection, mesmerized by the story-telling qualities and dream-like style of his photos. In an industry filled with over-used poses, and traditional, been-there-done-that moments, Chester captures couples in a way that even the subject itself feels that it is learning about it’s own love story for the first time. If there’s one thing I feel from his photos (though there are many), it’s that love has the ability to create it’s own beauty. We need not focus on the ‘perfect pose’ or the most beautiful location, but rather, let romance and love speak for itself, let it fill up the lens, the room, with color, with the beauty of giving yourself away to another.


Spend way too much time clicking through his portfolio like I did here.

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