LET’S PLAN: Europe 2015

If you saw my news on Facebook & Instagram about a month ago, you know that this summer I’ll be traveling to Europe with my two best girlfriends, Hannah & Kristie. Our tickets are booked, and we will be traveling to 5 cities in 4 weeks from mid June to mid July. A couple of us have been to Europe, but never for the sake of traveling country to country. We are so excited and so eager to learn all we can about each city and Europe as a whole!

Below I have listed the five cities we plan on visiting. I wouldΒ love to hear your travel tips, recommendations, must-sees, air bnb or hostel recommendations, etc! We are so eager to start planning and booking! Let’s start planning! Yay!

amsterdamCanals, bikes, beautiful colored buildings. Amsterdam is somewhere we are all excited to go to. It’s a new place we don’t know much about, but have heard its a ‘must see’!

italyOh, Italy, Your charm, your artistic culture,Β and especially your wine have been drawing me in. Italy is the one place that we are open to traveling to multiple cities in. We know Florence & Rome are musts, but what are some other places we should visit? We would love to visit a winery! Got any recommendations?

barcaI have heard from so many people that Barcelona is a place we don’t want to miss. Plus, I’m pretty excited about having a beach nearby as well.

parisFor all of us, Paris is the place we are most anticipating. The city of romance, fashion, and art, it speaks to each of us for so many different reasons. We have some friends in Paris, but are still on the look out for good places to stay!Β 
London seems like a familiar spot, and I’m excited to arrive there mid trip as a little breather from all the cultures and different languages we will be experiencing. I’ve never been, but have always looked forward to the day I would get to experience good old London town. Favorite coffee shops? Places to stay? I wanna hear it all!

We are so excited to start planning our itinerary, booking trains, flights, etc. Feel free to comment below or on any of my social media outlets of travel tips, must-see places, and recommendations!

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16 thoughts on “LET’S PLAN: Europe 2015

  1. Jack

    For your stay in Paris, I would recommend Hotel Astrid, in Paris. It is close to Hop on hop off tours, bus routs taxi stands. It has two Cafe,s close by and a small store and a pastry shop all within a few steps from the hotel. Just a suggestion enjoy your trip

      1. Jack

        Also all the major airport shuttles stop at the top of the street that the hotel is on. It is around the corner from the Champs elysees, great shopping there and about 1 minute walk to the arc de triomphe

  2. Aimee

    Go for a gondola ride in Venice, Italy! You’ll be able to see the city from a whole different perspective; it’s so interesting.

  3. Keri Elliott

    In Barcelona you must go the the Barceloneta Ask any local for it! It’s the local market and we ate out of there every day! It’s amazing! The chocolate Croissants for breakfast on muthuh luv. Plan to stay there as long as you can! One of my favorites! And Italy oh Italy where do we begin……lol Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. blakecreynolds Post author

      You know I’m all about those chocolate croissants…my roommate lived there for 6 months and she said she had one almost every day! I’ll have to connect with you when I’m home before we leave and get all your Italy recommendations too! Love you x

  4. alexandramichon

    Also for Venice, DEFINITELY stay in Venice for the night! Tourists usually leave for the evening, and then the locals come out! Gondola rides are so worth taking, even if they’re cheesy. Florence was my least favorite place… There’s so much history, but unfortunately, it’s become a tacky tourist trap, but worth experiencing for the history. Rome was awesome. Giolitti’s was great.
    Also, take local food tours wherever you can! They mix history along with amazing, local food. Best thing I did in all of Italy. Rome has so much food history!

  5. mlglife

    I think you’ll enjoy paris the best!! Make sure you go to all the parks like parc monceau and go party at zig zag or club le showcase at night! Oh and you can’t forget to visit the catacombs!

  6. Lori Davis

    For Rome I recommend seeing it for the first time at sunset. I didn’t think I would enjoy it there very much but it blew me away seeing it that way. I personally loved Florence and didn’t expect to. Be sure and go to the view up above where Under the Tuscan Sun has a shot from and make sure you see David. That was another thing I did not expect to enjoy and loved. I sat and marveled. Venice was my most anticipated and one of my least favorite places. I thought the gondola ride was not worth all of the hype and money and it was what I wanted to do MOST. I enjoyed doing thrift stores in Paris and would have liked to have been able to do more of that everywhere we went. I would say only take 2 outfits and hit the thrift stores for European clothes. And take a nose pin for the pee and pot smells in Amsterdam. Beautiful but stinky. Clark and Kendall loved London the most (probably because it was most familiar). Are you going anywhere else in England? I loved Bath, BEAUTIFUL.

  7. Sarah Smith

    Rome is my favorite city in the world! It is pretty touristy by day but when the cruise ship people leave Italian cities they become magical. Sit on the Spanish steps and people-watch, get a bottle of wine at a restaurant on Piazza Navona at night and just observe the city move. I would say it is worth it to splurge a little more and make sure you stay in the city in Rome because the best part is walking to all the sights and stopping in random cafes or pizza joints. I stayed in a place near Campo De’ Fiori (but my study abroad program arranged it all so idk the cost or exact place!)

    I also love Florence, and also y’all should consider going over to Cinque Terre in Italy. It’s on a short list of must-travels. And in London, I would say find some locals in the area you end up staying and ask them what to do. You’ll get the best suggestions for shopping, food & pubs that way. If you want to take a quick day trip, get a bus to Oxford and I can give you a MILLION suggestions.


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