LOVESTRUCK: Macy + Maison Tiradoegas

He’s a entrepreneur, a dreamer, and the founder of Press Bible. She’s a musician, worship leader, and blogger at Collected Steps. Some of the *sweetest* highschool sweethearts you’ll ever meet, Maison & Macy have a beautiful story, knit together by faith, perseverance, and enduring love.


Q: Where did you two meet?
HER: High School. His best friend was interested in me and I was like, “Hey, I think your friend is cute.” Unlike high school girls, they still remained best friends even though Maison totally stole me. I was 16. He was 17. After weeks of all of our friends talking about how perfect of a couple we’d be, and many awkward, nervous hallway avoidances, Maison finally got the courage to message me on MySpace. Yes, MySpace. Then, our mutual friends who were dating at the time went on a double date with us to Souper Salad. Who couldn’t be won over by Souper Salad!?  

Q: How did dating each other change in your different seasons of life (highschool, college, post grad)?
HER: Never did I think when I first met Maison that six years later he would be my husband. High school was fun. It was easy. But we grew up together. I remember feeling so weird in college because my friends who knew their boyfriend for 2 months already knew they were the one. I felt scared. Why did I still have so many doubts after a few years of dating? I realized that my friends met their significant other at an age where they knew what they wanted. Maison and I had been growing up together since we were 16, changing, growing into ourselves and figuring out who we were going to be, knowing all along who each other used to be. It was hard. It was hard watching people who had only been dating a short time get engaged and married before us. But you can’t compare. Every relationship is different and rushing into marriage is the last thing a couple should do! It was also hard remaining pure for 6 years. We were a boy and a girl who loved each other! Not easy! Once we got engaged, we ended up having to push our wedding back and waiting that long was very hard (but also very worth it). To answer your question, dating in different seasons of life prepared us for marriage. We’re always going to be changing, growing and going into new and unknown seasons. The fact that we had 6 years of practice really helped our marriage. 


Q: When did you first know you loved each other?
The first time I met her. I had dated girls before, so I knew when I met Macy that she was different. Our relationship was summed up like this: I chased her for 5 years.
HER: Mine was a little bit of a different story. When Maison told me he loved me I didn’t say it back. I actually thought he was crazy and thought about breaking up with him! I always say Maison had to pursue me our whole relationship. He never gave up. He always knew even when I doubted. He wouldn’t let me quit. He fought for me. I told him that I loved him 6 months into our relationship but I don’t think I really loved him until I grasped what was happening. Maison was showing me, without even knowing it, a glimpse of the way God pursues us. My love was a process, a beautiful process that still gets to grow everyday. I wouldn’t change it for anything. 


Q: Whats your favorite thing about the other person?
HER: This one is hard. There’s so many things! But if I had to pick just one, I think it would be the trust I have that he is obedient to the Lord. That he willing to do whatever it takes, sacrifice everything for God’s calling. Maison makes me laugh, he’s so goofy, he’s the most kind-hearted man, so genuine and caring towards everyone he meets, but before we got married we heard the quote, “Marriage isn’t meant to make you happy, its meant to make you holy.” That’s why that is my favorite thing about him. Seeing his willingness to carry his cross daily and die to self, makes me better. Makes me holy. 
HIM: She loves people. Macy makes everyone she meets feel like the most special person in the world. It’s the kind of quality that would make the whole world a better place if everyone acted a little more like that.


Q: As newlyweds, how do you feel your relationship has grown the most within marriage?HIM: Well, we get to see each other naked all the time. More than the physical though, we have challenged each other to chase each others dreams. We have turned ourselves from talkers to doers. When we dated, we talked about the future a lot: what would life be, what we would do, etc. Now, we understand that we’re shaping our future and everyday decisions we make together matter. We also have to do laundry and wash dishes.


Q: Whats your favorite thing to do together?
THEM: Honestly, a night a home with our cat, Leo, cuddled up with cookies and junk food, having a netflix party is our favorite thing to do! 

Q: What is a word that you feel has marked your relationship & marriage?
THEM: Faith. We’ve gone through a lot of unknowns and a lot of trust in each other and in God. He has proven himself so faithful. And every time we want to question him, every time things are hard or don’t make sense, we have to remember the faithfulness he’s given us time and time again. He will come through. He will provide. Without faith we have nothing.


Q: Quirks about the other person?
HER: Maison is a big giant quirk.
HIM: She talks in this little girl’s voice. She wants ice-cream everyday, and she’s the most indecisive person ever about the smallest decisions.

Q: Funny story or romantic story?
HER: My favorite story! We were in high school and had been dating a few months. I was a pastor’s kid, goody-two-shoes, and Maison was a heathen, pot-smoking, football player. Only God… 

My dad heard some things about Maison and came to my room one night. He told me he was really disappointed in my judgement. He wasn’t going to tell me I had to break up with him, but he wanted me to know he didn’t approve. I called Maison and told him we couldn’t be together. My dad’s opinion meant everything to me and I didn’t want to disappoint him. Besides, he was probably right, I shouldn’t be with him.

 The next day, without telling me, Maison marched into my dad’s office at the church and told my dad how much he loved me and wanted to be with me. He told my dad his life story and how he believed God was sending me into his life. They prayed together and Maison told him he wanted to start the process of handing his life over to Jesus. I came home that night and my dad hugged me and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.” Maison is not a heathen anymore. (Ha!)



Q: What advice would you give to other couples?
THEM: First of all, make God the center. Anything outside of him is meaningless. Anything outside of him doesn’t work. Live a life completely surrendered as individuals and a life completely surrendered together. It’s the only way.

Secondly, relationships are hard. Marriage is hard. You are two imperfect humans. Our biggest piece of advice, if you’ve decided you want to be with that person, don’t give up. If you give up, you will just be giving up someone’s set of problems for someone else’s. The grass always greener, the butterfly feeling doesn’t happen everyday. But don’t give up. Getting through the hard times, the struggles, the doubts, only make it that much more worth it. Choose love even when you don’t feel it. Be kind and selfless even when the other person isn’t. 

Finally, laugh. Laugh when things are funny and laugh when they aren’t. Laugh through joy and through pain. Don’t take everything so seriously, but enjoy the small moments together. Moments make up our days and days make up our lives. And I want more of my moments to be spent in joy and laughter.  

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