Currently: January 2015

What I’m Listening To: Lord Huron, Bethel Music, Givers

What I’m Reading: Creative Confidence by Tom & David Kelley.

What I’m Working On: Compiling a list of goals for 2015. I’m always behind on the whole goal setting thing. It usually takes me the full month of January to actually narrow down what I think are obtainable goals. I have about a week until school starts up again, so I’m trying to be productive with this whole break thing and work on updating my resume & portfolio.

What I’m excited for: My last semester of college. Wow! I’m excited to make the most of every moment, make a last-semester bucket list, walk into new projects, challenges, relationships….it’s going to be a semester of growth, I know.

It’s 2015, and I couldn’t be more excited for a new year. So much NEW is ahead, which is both scary and exhilarating. I’m gearing up to embrace the messy and pursue the beautiful. Lets do this.

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