Twenty Two

Hooray! Yesterday was my birthday, I turned twenty-two! Life goes by so fast, I feel like I blinked and twenty-one was over. Sigh. It’s so interesting becoming older. I’m learning, growing, being humbled constantly, realizing how far I’ve come yet how far I have to go all at once. It’s an enlightening process. So, today I want to reflect on the past year. It was one of the best, I learned so much, experienced the Father in such a new, rich way, and came out more thankful than I have ever been.

Twenty one was a year with a beautiful focus: learning to dream with God. It was a year of beautiful intimacy with people and with Jesus. I lived with 6 incredible women, each of them teaching me so much in so many different ways: honor, serving, humility, unconditional love, intentionality, intimacy, just to name a few. It was a year of abundance, for sure.

I learned what partnership is. I learned what it looks like to believe that God believes in me. I learned how to chase after my dreams, trust, and believe for the best. Even my community at twenty one was the fruition of a dream I had had in the years prior, before I even knew what it meant to dream with God. I had longed for community, had seen the progression, but this past year was the fullness of that heart cry.

I slowly and surely learned to believe that God actually wanted what I want because my heart has learned to love the things he loved! I learned that I don’t have to be afraid of my passions, because they are exactly what is needed to fulfill heaven’s mandate on my life. I believed for the impossible. I pursued California, and God was so faithful to open doors for me to live and work there this summer.

This past year taught me so much. It was beautifully messy, learning to understand these things and walk in them. It was beautifully messy, learning how to live in deep intimacy with five other girls. It was beautifully messy, facing the hard things. If there’s anything I would want to pass on, it’s to embrace your dreams. No matter how big, how unobtainable, how seemingly unqualified you are, embrace them. Believe in yourself enough to know that your heart and passions speak louder than a resume, belief & faith will get you places in spite of finances (or lack of), and lastly, that its worth it. You are worth it. People are worth it. Living a life of faith is worth it.

Twenty two, I’m ready for ya.

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