Currently: December 2014

Hello, all! Wow, has it been a while. With the holidays coming and going, and finals slowly but surely approaching, I’ve been bad about posting as frequently as I would like to. As always, the first of the month means a little currently recap. Hopefully this will help to update you all on what’s going on on my end.

What I’m Listening To: Ed Sheeran, One Direction (judge me), and Frank Sinatra. He’s the best addition to the holidays.

What I’m Reading: Press Bible is a bible app made my my good friend Maison Tiradoegas. The first book, John, came out a little under a year ago, and just last week, the remaining three gospels were released! Each book has incredible photographs, video commentary by theologians and pastors around the country, and many other features to help enhance your time in the word! I’ve loved it. It’s free in the app store so check it out!

What I’m Working On: What am I not working on. I feel a bit like I’m drowning. Currently, I’m getting caught up in editing a wedding, as well as a shoot I did this past weekend with Freckles Emporium. I also have finals coming up, so getting caught up is a must.

I’m also in the middle of maybe trying to find a different platform for my blog.  I love wordpress, but the editing capabilities aren’t great. It might just be the package I have, but it’s very limited in layout editing and doesn’t allow any plug – ins. Web pros, help/advice welcomed!

What I’m excited for: Eep! My birthday is tomorrow! I’m turning 22! Also, the holidays always get me excited: a nice break from school, time with family & friends, etc.

These past few weeks have been a series of ups and downs. I’m moving into a new home mid semester (inconvenient, unexpected, but I’m excited for a new chapter), things for the next season are coming into place, and ideas are churning for where my attention needs to be focused in this last semester of college. It’s crazy how the past four years have flown by. With the last month of 2014 now at hand, it’s time to start setting new goals and dreaming new dreams for this next year. Enjoy your holidays, friends! Hopefully with a break from school, I will have more time to devote here on this little space.

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