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Freckles Emporium Q&A - The Colour Journal

Q&A with Brittany Kile of Freckles Emporium

Today I get to share with you guys a post I’ve been very excited about! Recently, a good friend of mine, Brittany Kile, started a jewelry line called Freckles Emporium. We first met two years ago working together in a local boutique called the Mustache Goods & Wears, and have been friends ever since. As long as I’ve known Brittany, she has had an eye for style & a drive for entrepreneurship. Over the past year, she has been creating beautiful pieces and launching her own business. It’s been so fun to see her follow her passions and watch her dreams become reality. I am so for people flourishing in creativity and purpose, and sometimes, all we need to do it ourselves is a little inspiration from others. Brittany took the time to answer a few questions that I thought could help, inspire, and challenge those of us that dare to venture off onto similar paths…

1. How did Freckles Emporium begin?
Freckles Emporium literally started out of thin air. I’ve always loved all things fashion & have always wanted to open my own boutique (still do) for as long as I can remember! Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would launch my own jewelry line. It wasn’t until last summer when I started realizing that I have been collecting beads and all things jewelry related for a few years now! I love creating so it is very meditative for me. I also love to see people wearing my unique pieces & seeing how they style my jewels.

Freckles Emporium Jewelry-129

2. What is a typical process for creating your jewelry and maintaining your business?
The typical process for creating a FE piece varies, but since everything is handmade it is a lot of sitting on the floor beading hours after hours. My girls who help me bead & I always joke that it is a #trial&error process! I get asked a lot where I learned to knot or make jewelry, and I honestly taught myself! I’ve fiddled with things until I’ve made it the way I think that I myself would want to purchase it. On a good day, the average necklace can be beaded in typically an hour from start to finish. That’s with no distractions!

Freckles Emporium Q&A - The Colour Journal

3. What has been the most challenging part about starting and running your own business?
Other than the back ache you get from beading for long periods of time, the most challenging part of the business would probably have to be not being in any retail stores (other than Lululemon Athletica Southlake Town Square)! I have clientele in so many different areas right now & many of them want to be able to touch & see my pieces in person because they are all so unique due to almost all of them being natural! We are working on getting our website up in the near future with more detailed photos so our guests can see every sparkle in the druzy they are viewing in order to make online shopping more comforting, as well as looking into wholesaling to local boutiques!

Freckles Emporium Q&A - The Colour Journal

4. Where do you hope to take Freckles Emporium in the future?
In the near future, I hope to expand nation wide in boutiques & to see more ladies wearing my jewels! It’s already so heartwarming to pass someone walking in the town square & to see them wearing one of my necklaces or bracelets. I can’t explain the feeling I get when that happens to me! 
Freckles Emporium Q&A - The Colour Journal
5. What is your advice to others who have dreams of starting their own business?
Starting your own business is a lot of work, but at the end of the day it’s so rewarding. There isn’t a second that passes when I’m doing something for Freckles Emporium that I don’t absolutely love it! I’ve always encouraged people to chase their dreams. A little blood, sweat, & tears shouldn’t steer them away from that! 

Thanks, Brittany! The above photos are from a photoshoot I did with her & her team at the Dallas Museum of Art a few weeks ago. SO much fun! Brittany is full of life & love. One amazing part of our shoot was with one of the women that was on staff at the DMA. She saw us taking photos and came over to take a look at the jewelry. Of course, she fell in love, and started helping us style some of the photos! So sweet! And, not to mention, she was amazing at it! She even let us stay a little after close to get that perfect shot. As we were wrapping up, Brittany gave her one of the necklaces! It was such a sweet moment between the two of them and really just got me excited for the heart behind Brittany’s business. Below is a photo of her pure shock at hearing she gets to take one of the handmade necklaces home with her!

I loved that moment, and I love this jewelry line. Handmade is a great way to go for gifts this Christmas, so be sure to head over to her Etsy shop here and pick something out for someone you love (or yourself)! I have this one in the mail & on its way to me!
Holiday Outfit Inspiration - the Colour Journal

style 007: Holiday Attire

Holidays are filled with family, food, friends, and various events you have to find a festive outfit for. Not only can this get expensive (on top of all the gifts you’re already buying), but sometimes it can be hard to find an outfit that captures your style, as well as the approval of the in-laws or grandparents! With holiday parties already on their way, I wanted to show you guys my go-to holiday attire! It’s simple, budget-friendly, and a great go to for any event. Plus, in my opinion, black is always the best choice.

Holiday Outfit Inspiration - the Colour Journal

Holiday Outfit Inspiration - the Colour Journal

Holiday Outfit Inspiration - the Colour Journal

I love a solid outfit on a budget, and hopefully this can give you a little inspiration for your own holiday attire!

Twenty Two

Hooray! Yesterday was my birthday, I turned twenty-two! Life goes by so fast, I feel like I blinked and twenty-one was over. Sigh. It’s so interesting becoming older. I’m learning, growing, being humbled constantly, realizing how far I’ve come yet how far I have to go all at once. It’s an enlightening process. So, today I want to reflect on the past year. It was one of the best, I learned so much, experienced the Father in such a new, rich way, and came out more thankful than I have ever been.

Twenty one was a year with a beautiful focus: learning to dream with God. It was a year of beautiful intimacy with people and with Jesus. I lived with 6 incredible women, each of them teaching me so much in so many different ways: honor, serving, humility, unconditional love, intentionality, intimacy, just to name a few. It was a year of abundance, for sure.

I learned what partnership is. I learned what it looks like to believe that God believes in me. I learned how to chase after my dreams, trust, and believe for the best. Even my community at twenty one was the fruition of a dream I had had in the years prior, before I even knew what it meant to dream with God. I had longed for community, had seen the progression, but this past year was the fullness of that heart cry.

I slowly and surely learned to believe that God actually wanted what I want because my heart has learned to love the things he loved! I learned that I don’t have to be afraid of my passions, because they are exactly what is needed to fulfill heaven’s mandate on my life. I believed for the impossible. I pursued California, and God was so faithful to open doors for me to live and work there this summer.

This past year taught me so much. It was beautifully messy, learning to understand these things and walk in them. It was beautifully messy, learning how to live in deep intimacy with five other girls. It was beautifully messy, facing the hard things. If there’s anything I would want to pass on, it’s to embrace your dreams. No matter how big, how unobtainable, how seemingly unqualified you are, embrace them. Believe in yourself enough to know that your heart and passions speak louder than a resume, belief & faith will get you places in spite of finances (or lack of), and lastly, that its worth it. You are worth it. People are worth it. Living a life of faith is worth it.

Twenty two, I’m ready for ya.

Currently: December 2014

Hello, all! Wow, has it been a while. With the holidays coming and going, and finals slowly but surely approaching, I’ve been bad about posting as frequently as I would like to. As always, the first of the month means a little currently recap. Hopefully this will help to update you all on what’s going on on my end.

What I’m Listening To: Ed Sheeran, One Direction (judge me), and Frank Sinatra. He’s the best addition to the holidays.

What I’m Reading: Press Bible is a bible app made my my good friend Maison Tiradoegas. The first book, John, came out a little under a year ago, and just last week, the remaining three gospels were released! Each book has incredible photographs, video commentary by theologians and pastors around the country, and many other features to help enhance your time in the word! I’ve loved it. It’s free in the app store so check it out!

What I’m Working On: What am I not working on. I feel a bit like I’m drowning. Currently, I’m getting caught up in editing a wedding, as well as a shoot I did this past weekend with Freckles Emporium. I also have finals coming up, so getting caught up is a must.

I’m also in the middle of maybe trying to find a different platform for my blog.  I love wordpress, but the editing capabilities aren’t great. It might just be the package I have, but it’s very limited in layout editing and doesn’t allow any plug – ins. Web pros, help/advice welcomed!

What I’m excited for: Eep! My birthday is tomorrow! I’m turning 22! Also, the holidays always get me excited: a nice break from school, time with family & friends, etc.

These past few weeks have been a series of ups and downs. I’m moving into a new home mid semester (inconvenient, unexpected, but I’m excited for a new chapter), things for the next season are coming into place, and ideas are churning for where my attention needs to be focused in this last semester of college. It’s crazy how the past four years have flown by. With the last month of 2014 now at hand, it’s time to start setting new goals and dreaming new dreams for this next year. Enjoy your holidays, friends! Hopefully with a break from school, I will have more time to devote here on this little space.