A Weekend Reunion

This weekend was one for the books. You know those life-long friends? The ones you know inside and out, have been with you in the past, continue to be there in the present, and bring confidence when looking into your future? Well, that’s this group. We’ve been friends since I was about 16, growing, learning, walking together for years. Every time we’re together, it feels like home. As we’ve grown, full reunions become less and less frequent. One person might be missing, we’ll be away at school, living in different states over the summer…the list goes on and on. But, at the end of the day, we know being together is worth every effort. Last weekend, this special crew came to stay with me in Arkansas. Everyone has been at separate times, but it was our first time as a full group to be together in Fayetteville. The weekend was much anticipated, and it did not disappoint. Click ‘READ MORE’ to see the full photo recap of our weekend!


Waffle House is a special spot for us…for no apparent reason. We just like cheap food and waffles. We went twice in one weekend, and there was no ounce of shame involved.


On Sunday morning, we got to go hiking at Devil’s Den. It was our first time to be ‘outdoorsy’ as a group. A new thing for us, but we had so much fun.


The weekend ended with relaxing in hammocks, a great view of fall in Arkansas, and a minor car injury (I’m telling you, me and nature aren’t the best of friends…one day…). So refreshing for my heart to haveย family in town for my last year.

*All photos are by Jacob Norris, see more on his flickrย page.

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