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Around the Table

As you read in the previous post, Arkansas got some snow. I had a chilly day filled with Frank Sinatra, hot chocolate, and holiday cheer. Now, it’s taking everything within me not to bust out the Christmas music. I have a rule to myself to not start the Christmas festivities until after the Thanksgiving meals & naps are over. So, until then, I’ve compiled a few thanksgiving ideas that have inspired me this November! Enjoy!

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Today, It Snowed

Sunday, November 16th: the first snow of the season here in Fayetteville. Oh, snow just does something to my heart. It makes the world a little bit more magical, it makes my spirit a little more at rest, it increases stillness in the most wonderful way.

Today, as I was driving around town, running errands to get myself ready for the week, snow was falling softly and slowly, and I couldn’t help but break out a little Frank Sinatra. Now, I have a little rule for myself to not play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, but man was it hard. I settled for the record-cracking, smooth voice of some old Sinatra to match the cheer of the snow.

I’m about to start catching up on some editing, but I thought I’d stop in and ramble a bit before the week starts. Don’t you just love the coziness of winter? Snuggle up with a book, a blanket, and a cup of tea. Oh, and don’t forget some Sinatra!

Living Colourfully: Filmore Bouldes

Living Colourfully: Filmore Bouldes

Filmore Bouldes is one of those people whose life makes you want to live fuller, love deeper, and create more. I first ‘met’ Filmore through mutual friends + Instagram. His style, eye for photography, and heart drew me in, and through knowing him, Filmore has challenged me to push myself as a creative, as a believer, and as a friend.

Through getting to know Filmore, it was obvious to me that his life has inspired so many more lives than just mine. His life is a beautiful example of what it looks like to be rooted & flourishing. I asked him to write a little bit about what it means for him to live colourfully, a life rooted, a life that flourishes. I hope it will inspire you, challenge you, awaken you the way it did for me… (click ‘continue reading’ to read Filmore’s post)

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Nails + Cocktails - the Colour Journal

Weekend To-Do: Nails + Cocktails Party

About 2 months ago, I had a desire to plan a girls night. In college, it’s so easy to focus on what’s the cheapest, easiest way to spend time together. But every once in a while, these hang-outs need a little boost. With a wedding approaching that many of my girlfriends were going to attend, I thought it could be fun to make a nails & cocktails themed girls night! It was such an easy, fun night to throw together, and made a simple, girly task like painting your nails way more memorable!

To help you plan your own girls night, I decided to share with you some of the invites I made for this night in particular! I have attached below a printable invitation for you to print out, customize, and send out yourself! (Click “continue reading” to grab the downloadable invitations + cocktail & mocktail ideas!)

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Perfectly Imperfect - the Colour Journal

Perfectly Inadequate

Sitting here, 9pm on a Sunday evening. Red wine, candle lit, a couple of cookies fresh from the oven, thinking. Thinking about where I’m at, where I’ve come from, and where I want to be. Ya know, it seems like a common thought life as of late.

I’m in a weird place. Spiritually, emotionally, physically. I feel home, but still distant. I feel content, but close to complacency. I feel busy, achieving much and gaining little. I feel purposeful and a lack of purpose all at once. (click ‘continue reading’ to read the rest of “Perfectly Inadequate”)

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A Weekend Reunion

This weekend was one for the books. You know those life-long friends? The ones you know inside and out, have been with you in the past, continue to be there in the present, and bring confidence when looking into your future? Well, that’s this group. We’ve been friends since I was about 16, growing, learning, walking together for years. Every time we’re together, it feels like home. As we’ve grown, full reunions become less and less frequent. One person might be missing, we’ll be away at school, living in different states over the summer…the list goes on and on. But, at the end of the day, we know being together is worth every effort. Last weekend, this special crew came to stay with me in Arkansas. Everyone has been at separate times, but it was our first time as a full group to be together in Fayetteville. The weekend was much anticipated, and it did not disappoint. Click ‘READ MORE’ to see the full photo recap of our weekend!

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Currently: November 2014

Currently: November 2014

Who else feels like October flew by? I am amazed at how fast this fall is flying by. October was fun, but November is one of my favorite months of the year. The weather, the holidays, the family. So much anticipation, reunions, and gatherings. Needless to say, November, it’s nice to see you again.

What I’m Listening To: City & Colour, more Bombay Bicycle Club, & Taylor Swift’s new album isn’t half bad!

What I’m Reading: the Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis (still)! I love C.S. Lewis, but for some reasons, his books are not the easiest for me to get through. Maybe it’s that, maybe I’ve just been busy this month. Either way, I need to get on my goal of one book a month!

What I’m Working On: Currently in the middle of brainstorming what’s next for Eugene Grace in it’s slower months. Wedding season is over, which means more room for creativity! On top of that, I’m gearing up for my last semester of college. Crazy, right? What is it going to look like? What will my time be spent on? Am I ready? Where will I work? All these thoughts are flooding my mind, and I’m expectant and excited to find some answers.

Who I’m Watching: One of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess, just opened up their own shop! It’s incredible to see people walking in their dream job, making things happen, and encouraging others to do the same. My favorite part of their shop is the Happy Mail! For $15 a month, you are sent $50 worth of stationary for the month! How cute is that? I love anything that encourages snail mail. Go check out their new shop for yourself!