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Living Colourfully: Hannah Watson

A few months ago, when I was dreaming about this series of #livingcolourfully, there were a few specific people that stood out to me. People whose lives are so obviously marked by certain traits that they are called to carry and administer. For Hannah, it is undoubtedly grace. I hope that as she reveals her heart on the subject, you would be inspired, encouraged, and prompted to encounter it as well…

A heartbeat. The rhythm of life – consistent and steady. Closely familiar, yet never mundane, never routine in nature. Life’s rhythm is a collection of many things, of many heartbeats. With each heart gained, the rhythm becomes more vibrant, more diverse, more beautiful, more true. With each new beat the force of life surges within, waking us up, calling us to something more. Something that deepens our stories, stretches our boundaries, adds to our love, and uncovers treasure within that we didn’t even know was there. In the end, the heartbeat of you is what makes this so beautiful. The life you live is unlike any other. It was designed to fit you. You paint in colors only you know. It’s powerful. It’s influential. And it can change things. You are worthy to be the essential part of life’s rhythm. Reject disbelief. Raise your head again, and run free.

Sometimes, that is easier said than done. Some would say, no Hannah, most of the time that is easier said than done. I certainly have those days, I know I do. More often than I’d like. Where life seems more chaotic than beautiful and it’s just not that easy to run free and unhindered toward dreams and desires. And quickly life gets so busy. Dreams are shelved and as time passes, you begin to think “maybe they weren’t worthwhile, maybe it simply wasn’t for me.” I was asked to write about grace. The journey of discovering what grace truly means and what it looks like to live a life within its meaning. Grace is something of immeasurable depth. So it’s safe to say, I’m still on the journey. I’m learning with you. So, my hope is that you find your heart to be encouraged as we journey alongside of each other and as we uncover new treasure, together.


Grace. How does someone define a mystery? Oftentimes, you simply don’t. Oftentimes, you describe it rather than define it. As if, it is just too grand to be confined to a simple definition. As if, maybe, just maybe, a more detailed description with colorful explanations and beautiful language will (hopefully) do it justice. Oh, if only I could do grace justice. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to, but I think more than anything I’ve come to know about grace is that it’s completely free. It’s unearned, and it’s available to anyone that wants it. There is no prerequisite and it can’t be lost. There is no act good enough, honest enough, or noble enough to persuade it. Likewise, there is no act dark enough, deceitful enough, or corrupt enough to shake it. Its foundation is sure. Because of that, we are enabled to be exactly where we are in life, without feelings and thoughts of shame or embarrassment. Grace rids you of that reality because it accepts. Grace accepts you. It accepts others. In acceptance, we are free. Free to run unhindered again, to see ourselves in the right light that tells us we’re enough, and free to love without limits and without fear. Grace isn’t offended by your wrongdoings and it loves you the same when you fail. Grace picks you up off your feet and whispers “I still believe in you.” Grace enables you to keep going, to keep running your race, because it believes. It believes in you, in me, in others -despite the reasons we give it not to. Grace is patient because it knows that it takes us all a little bit to realize the good stuff, the stuff within us. You see, grace has always seen it. It looks past the rough edges and into the potential we all hold. The potential to affect life’s rhythm in beautiful ways. The potential to catalyst change. The potential to be all that we were truly made to be. Grace saw what really laid beneath. It knew the goodness. And it believes us into the place of believing it ourselves.


Encountering what grace truly is has sweetly and beautifully changed me forever. My life has never been the same since I met grace in true form. And, I was met in the most unlikely places. When life felt dark and rid of hope, grace entered in and showed me light. When I felt nothing else except the pain of loss and the ache of a broken heart, grace entered in, picked up the pieces, and made me whole again. You see, grace gifted me itself, in the seasons of life you’d never expect were cause for a free, unearned gift for my good. But I think that’s part of the beauty in the mystery that is grace. It doesn’t need to be prompted, it simply is. That reality is what enables us to live a life that genuinely administers and exudes the gift of grace. When we encountered grace, it was never based on (or prompted by) our right/wrongdoings, which tells us it isn’t based on (or prompted by) anyone else’s either. We can freely give because we’ve freely been given to. So we can live a grace-filled life that chooses to forgive when we’ve been wronged. We can live a grace-filled life that deeply loves others while embracing the cost and sacrifice it requires to do so. We can live a grace-filled life that resolves to bear light in every dark room so that eyes may be opened and hearts may remember that their destiny is still before them. We can live a grace-filled life that decides there is a sweetness to living patiently because it gives us room to enjoy the process. And so, we can live a grace-filled life that sees its worth, and believes it too.


Grace is sure. It accepts. It believes. It is steadfast. It is pure. It is true. And grace is good. It is for you, and available to you. Always. It desires to know you and be known by you. It burns to show you who you are – captivating in all your forms. Walking hand-in-hand with grace awakens us. It awakens us to who we are, who we’re meant to be, and it gives us the ability to awaken others. So that they too can know grace. So, that they too can hear the sound of their heartbeat affecting life’s rhythm. And so, that they too may run free.

Thank you for sharing your heart on a subject that resonates deep within your heart, Hannah! You can find Hannah on her instagram here. She is also going to Thailand in a couple weeks, you can learn about her trip here!

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