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Five Blogs You Should Be Following

Blogging is something that has become a hobby, inspiration, and means of online-community for me. I love the idea of an online journal, and I absolutely adore seeing the places people take their blogs. From businesses to a creative space, I’m most inspired by seeing people make their blog their own. Here are the top five bloggers I’ve been most inspired & influenced by over the years:

1. Design Love

Bri Emery of Design Love Fest has shaped my creative style & drive in a huge way. I love her style, aesthetic, & her entrepreneurial spirit. She has built up a brand identity and business through her blog, created her own magazine, ‘Rue’, as well as colaborated with big names such as Gap, Anthropologie, and many others. You’re always sure to be inspired when you visit her blog.

Top 5 BloggersTop 5 BloggersBest BloggersTop 5 Bloggers

2. Free People –

Yep, let’s all give three cheers because Free People has a blog. I love following Free People because they crank out the content consistently. They always have 2-3 new posts a day, ranging anywhere from recipes, guest bloggers, style posts, advice columns, etc. Not to mention, their visuals are always dreamy and inspiring. Because of their blog content, they are raaaacking up the repins and likes on Pinterest. It’s pretty crazy!

top 5 best bloggerstop 5 best bloggerstop 5 best bloggers

3. A Beautiful

A Beautiful Mess has always been a favorite of mine. I found their blog my freshman year of college and have always loved the relaxed, apporachable voice that comes through each post. They have now grown into a multi-million dollar business through blogging. I love seeing the kind of business  that can come from actively contributing to something you love. They have so many categories to sift through in their blog: from food, to home DIY, to scrapbooks, real books, ecourses, etc!

top 5 bloggerstop 5 bloggers besttop 5 best bloggerstop 5 best bloggerstop 5 best bloggers

4. The Dream Job Shop –

The Dream Job Shop is a blog I recently stumbled on through instagram. I have loved this blog. It is full of practical tips for small business owners or people who want to some day walk into that realm. The types of posts range from ‘how to grow your instagram followers” to “how to target the right audience for your product”. She’s all about helping people have their dream job. Practical advice, inspiring articles, and a great resource.

top 5 best bloggerstop 5 best bloggerstop 5 best bloggers

5. Love

Love Taza is like a good magazine for me. Naomi Davis is a mama of (almost) three living in New York City. Her blog is simply a lifestyle blog to document her and her family. She’s gained a crazy following over the years. I love the sweetness her family brings to the blogging world. I’m constantly smiling when I sift through her posts!

top 5 best blogstop 5 best bloggers

2 thoughts on “Five Blogs You Should Be Following

  1. Jenna Watson

    Hey Blake! I actually went to the U of A too and stumbled upon your blog some way or another. I’m a huge fan! I find your content to be so inspiring, on both a visual and deeper level. Keep it up! I love all of these blogs as well and look forward to checking out The Dream Job Shop.


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