Let’s Gather: A Dinner Party

Let's Gather: Fall Dinner Party

Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to host a dinner party for a photo shoot with Eugene Grace. Now, if you know me, you know I was in my happy place planning and preparing this evening. It all began with my internship with Eugene Grace, a photography company in Fayetteville. Part of my job is to plan weekly photo shoots for us to get new media for Lightstock. While brainstorming with my boss, we thought a thanksgiving themed shoot would be ideal for the upcoming season. There, it clicked. I had already been wanting to host a dinner party this year for my friends, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get to do it! From that place, I began to dream up ways to style the dinner, places to have it, people to invite, food to eat, etc! It was so much fun. After a week or so of planning, creating invitations (I’ll share those in a later post!), lots of grocery store runs, and a day full of cooking, it happened. It was so much fun to see the vision come together, friends enjoying each other, and getting to capture the night through the eye of a lens along side the team at Eugene Grace.


dinner partyfall dinner party
^ What’s a dinner party without a cheese plate, right?

fall dinner partyFall dinner party
^ The weekend before this dinner party I had shot a wedding with Eugene Grace. After the wedding, they were begging people to take the floral arrangements home, so of course, I loaded up. Luckily they lasted until mid-week and I was able to use them as centerpieces!

Dinner-Party-2fall dinner partyFall dinner party
^ I tried to keep the menu as simple and on-a-budget as I could. The main entree was a dinner quiche. Easy to make, easy to share, and tastes good, too! 

Fall dinner party^ For the drinks we had Apple Cinnamon iced-tea. I wanted something refreshing that tasted like fall. Super easy to make, and tasted like red-hots!

Fall dinner partyFall dinner party
^ Apple Pie – one of my favorite desserts! Super simple, super delicious!

Fall dinner partyFall dinner party

We had such a fun night doing this shoot & dinner party. There’s just something about gathering around a table with the people you love! It doesn’t take much. I encourage you to get the ones you love, gather some decorations, and come together for a pot-luck dinner. It’s easy, simple, and makes for lasting memories!

PS. I’ll be sharing a couple of these recipes this month – stay tuned!

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