Out of Hiding


Hello, again world! I’m back after almost two weeks of MIA status. Last week was long and full of school & work related to-do lists, events, and hours into the night. Ya know, sometimes I have to sit back and remember I’m a student, ha! I’m sure most of you have been there. Time just seems to escape. Well, as soon as I was back & ready, planning out content for this month, the worst of the worst happened: I spilt water on my Macbook. Yeah, it’s been a pretty overwhelming last few days filled with lots of rice and lots of praying. I was coming to terms with the fact that I was going to have to shell out quite a bit of money for a repair when I tried one last time to turn it on and on goes the light of the screen! What! Needless to say, I am incredibly thankful. Nothing but grace over that situation. And, I’m seriously excited to have access to my blog again! Just wanted to pop in to fill ya in on life currently. Saying goodnight as September draws to a close, & excited to wake up to one of my favorite months of the year!


*photo by Abby Henry

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