The Girl Behind The Blog

blake reynolds about me

1. I am twenty-one years young, born & raised in Dallas, Texas. I’m a December baby with southern roots!

2. I’m the oldest of three girls in the family. I have two younger sisters who are twins. I’ve been told many times I have ‘motherly’ qualities, and I have a good feeling being the oldest is a big reason for that!

3. I met Jesus when I was 16 & my life was given new a new purpose, marked by his grace, love, & freedom. He is the reason my present is able to present itself whole in spite of the brokenness in my past. He is my greatest joy, my ongoing song, my truest friend, and my deepest love.

4. A few deep, intimate friendships mean far more to me than a heavy load of acquaintances. Cultivating, sustaining, and digging-deep into relationships is one of the things I value the most.

5. I’m an introvert. I state this because I’ve been told many times otherwise. I have concluded that I am what you call a friendly introvert. I can hold up conversation, dance-party the night away, and work a crowd, but at the end of the day, my first choice is always alone time. I cherish the quiet moments, the moments of reflection, the moments of stillness.

6. I am a senior at the University of Arkansas studying Visual Design with an emphasis in Graphic Design & Photography, with a minor in Marketing. Whew, that’s a mouthful. I get asked this question of ‘what I’m studying’ quite a bit & stating it takes an awkward amount of time. So, there ya go.

7. If you want to really get to know me, knowing my happy-list is a good start. Here are a few of my favorites: slow mornings, breakfast (for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, brinner, linner, & everything in between. I love breakfast food), hot coffee, daisies, & finding those hole-in-the-wall coffee shops where you can get lost in your thoughts.

8. The passions of my heart lie in creativity. There’s so much to that statement. I feel like I’ve dabbled in so many different areas, but I’ve narrowed it down (maybe not) to a few creative outlets that I really thrive & find myself in: design, styling, photography, fashion, music, & painting.

9. Worship leading & music ministry are huge of my heart…if you don’t know me personally, you may not know that. This part of me has been in a waiting period for the past few years. I’m expectant and excited for the season on the horizon…

10. Lastly, just some fun this or that questions: Dogs or Cats? Dogs. No question. Hot or Cold? Gimme that sweater weather. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla! Beach or Mountains? Beach, please. There’s nothing like the ocean. Coffee or Tea? Coffee, coffee, coffee. East Coast or West Coast? West coast all the way… Early Bird or Night Owl? Early bird

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