Saying Farewell…

saying farewell

 Good-bye’s are never easy. Saying good-bye reflects change. Which, depending on what kind of person you are, can either get you excited or make you a little sick to the stomach. Change can be scary, unknown, and uncomfortable. But change can also be exhilarating, positive, and refreshing. 

I feel that I have known a life very acquainted with good-byes, especially since being in college. My heart is constantly in multiple places, with various people. Each of these people whom I have to say good-bye to as trips come to close, reality settles in, and transition continues to unfold. 

This summer I said hello, and I said good-bye to a place that expanded my idea of dreaming, romanced my future-self, and took captive & renewed my view of life and all it has to offer. I feel that being in California introduced me to new passions and re-introduced me to old one’s I’ve let slide by. It reminded me of who I am, who I want to be, and the doors that are swinging wide for me to get there. 


When I first arrived in California, it was like every dream that had been piling on top of each other had finally found its place. What was bottled up inside of me, ready to be released, seemed to effortlessly settle and exhale when I arrived. Everything about it felt like the home I had never known. The freshness of the air, the way the sky seemed just a little more blue, the sand at my feet, in my hair, on my face. 


My good-bye’s reside with the place as much as they do with the people. Working for Krochet Kids intl. was a dream come true. I was welcomed in with open arms, invited to join this family, knit together by a cause called love. I couldn’t have asked for a better immersion into ‘the real world’. My time interning stretched me, taught me, sharpened me, and empowered me. And who would have thought, a house of ten girls from all over the country, working and living together, would leave  being known by their love for each other. 


Our last night together as a staff held a mix of emotions. Feelings of gratitude, reflection, and love immersed us all as we remembered the summer that had taken place. Hanging on each other’s words, laughing about stories we’ll never forget, and trying our best to stretch out each moment to delay our farewell. With tears, hugs, and laughter, the sun set behind the horizon, signaling the close of the season. Bitter-sweet hearts, we said our good-byes to a summer we’d never forget.


What does ‘good-bye’ mean for you? How does change make you feel? As hard as it is to say good-bye, when it’s hard, it’s evidence of time well spent and life well lived. Now, that’s something to smile about. I never want good-bye’s to be easy. I want them to hurt. I want to feel a part of myself exiting when I depart from a person or place. I want it to be evidence of investment in people, in places. I want to know that I gave all that I am to the people around me. I want to know I left deep footprints in the places I have lived life. 

So I say farewell to this chapter with excitement and expectancy. I’m thankful to have encountered what I did, and I’m expectant for the journey I’m walking on. Expectant to give myself, time and time again, to the people and places I step into. Expectant for more doors to be open, and closed, leading me continually along this narrow, good, path that has been set before me. Onward. 


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