California Bucket List: Thousand Steps + Acai

Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach
Try an Acai Bowl

Have you ever heard of Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach? I hadn’t, but apparently all the locals know about it. It’s a beach off 9th street in Laguna that has three-hundred-something steps to climb down in order to get to the beach! On one hand, that’s a lot of work, but on the other, it means a less crowded beach! 

Thousand Steps, Laguna Beach, CAThousand Steps - Laguna Beach, CAThousand Steps - Laguna Beach, CA


The beach itself is filled with big rocks. They look beautiful, but make swimming a little dangerous. Be sure when going into swim, to stay far away from them. The current gets strong and can easily push you into the rocks. 


Thousand Steps - Laguna Beach, CAThousand Steps - Laguna Beach, CA

Thousand Steps Beach had some of the bluest water I saw the whole trip (besides La Jolla in San Diego). When you swam, you could look down and see your toes! I have a love-hate relationship with clear water. It sure is beautiful, but I’d rather not see the fish I’m accompanied by in the water! Overall, I’d say it’s a must-see in Southern California. The walk back up from the beach to the road is killer, but totally worth it for a beautiful beach!


Acai Bowls. Have you ever heard of acai berries? It’s a superfood heavy in antioxidants. One common meal in Southern California is Acai Bowls. Which, essentially, is puree’d acai topped with fruit & granola. 

acai bowl california

Acai Bowls were such a fun, fresh breakfast or lunch option. I always felt infinitely better after than before. I totally understood what the rage was all about after having one. 

acai bowl californiaacai bowl california

^Aftermath of Acai. There were so many different acai places to choose from, but after trying a few, Banzai Bowls was definitely the winner in my book. Theirs tasted the most fresh & flavorful. There are four different locations in SoCal for you to try! I highly recommend this beach town staple. 


Well, after a full summer, I completed as much as I could of the California Bucket List:

-Sunset on Superior Ave. (Theres a big hill that overlooks the ocean, super pretty.)
Bike to the Wedge  (Driving to the Wedge still counts, right?)
-Disneyland (Too broke…plus, I’ve been! If you haven’t, Disney is a must when in California!)
-Rose Bowl Flea Market
-Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach
Morning coffee at Inspiration Point
Try a waffle sandwich 
Photo booth at the Ace Hotel
Wine at the Gypsy Den (I’ll post about this in my coffee shop review in a week-or-so!)
Try an Acai Bowl
Sleep on the beach  
-Yoga at Darling HQ (No yoga, but going to the Darling Dinner was even better in my book!)

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