California Bucket List: Ironpress

Try a waffle sandwich.

One interesting observation I had in my first couple weeks of being in Southern California was the frequent sightings of ‘waffle sandwich’ restaurants. Being from the south, I’ve had my fair share of chicken and waffles, but I’ve never heard of a waffle sandwich.

A few weeks ago, a couple of the girls and I decided to try this mysterious waffle sandwich. We went to a local place called Ironpress in Costa Mesa. I loved the hole-in-the-wall feel of this local spot. There was art all over the walls, industrial interiors, and amazing service! 


Ironpress is all about beer & waffles. What an odd combination, but I have absolutely come around to the idea. Now my thought is, ‘how could you not have waffles with beer?’. Their menu had so many options, and all of the staff was so helpful. They had everything from a club waffle sandwich to the classic chicken & waffle sandwich. Not to mention, they had a ton of options for beer. You could even do a ‘beer flight’! Such a cool concept & idea.


We ended up getting parmesan garlic tater tots for our appetizer, and…wow. These were incredible. Highly recommend.


Now, after much contemplation, I decided to go with a classic chicken-and-waffle sandwich. They topped it with a sweet & spicy cole slaw and placed an addition of jalapeno maple syrup on the side. It. was. so. good. Another, please?


One of the girls who wasn’t a big waffle person got their alternative: a tater tot waffle. They stuff their tater tots in the waffle press, and top it with the toppings that would be in the sandwich. Very unique, very good. There’s something for everyone! If you’re not a big ‘waffle sandwich’ person, they also have classic waffles and syrup or the option to make any sandwich a classic panini!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t come back. Just recently, I went to a place in Anaheim that actually had a ‘pop up’ Ironpress shop. I couldn’t resist. This time, I had a beer with it, and let me tell ya, it makes all  the difference.

Waffle sandwiches didn’t disappoint, and my advice is to GO FOR IT next time you’re in Southern California.

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