Darling Dinner + the Giving Keys Event


How many of you all have heard of the beautiful Darling magazine? If you haven’t, it is my pleasure to introduce you to what I think to be one of the most influential, liberating, and truth-filled magazines of today. Darling magazine is all about the art of being a woman.

Recently, Darling started to host events called Darling Dinners. Darling dinners is a time for women to gather on behalf of the Darling Movement, enjoy beautiful food & wine, and thoughtful, deep conversation. The past couple times they have released this event, it has sold out in a mater of minutes. I kid you not. Last time, I went to sign up right after they announced it on social media. I was typing in my payment information, and it was SOLD OUT. Needless to say, I knew I would not be missing the next one.

For this specific dinner, Darling partnered with the Giving Keys. It was an evening all about how to not just be here, but be here with a purpose. This dinner was one of the highlights of my time here in Southern California. I was encouraged, challenged, empowered, and met some incredible ladies whose wisdom I will cherish. I captured some moments throughout the night…


Yes, it says Catherine Reynolds. My full name, for those of you who don’t, is actually Catherine Blake Reynolds. *Pause and wait for the ‘Cathy’ jokes to finish*. I’ve actually been called Blake since before I was born. My first name being Catherine is usually an entertaining surprise for most people.


Above is Darling’s mission statement. Ladies, if that doesn’t make you want to get up and start changing the world, I don’t know what will.


Every detail of the night was so beautiful. The (3? 4?) course meal was more like an art piece than anything else. The chef came out and expressed his heart on the meal he had prepared, and man, I was inspired. I love people with passion. His heart was for his dishes to bring people together, instill community. I love that.


During the dinner, each of the hostesses, Sarah Dubbeldam (Editor-in-cheif of Darling Magazine) and Caitlin Crosby (Founder of the Giving Keys), stood, expressed their heart towards their work, and posed a question for each group of women to discuss for thirty-or-so minutes. Sarah asked a question about what we think women most struggle with today, and Caitlin asked what in our life we feel that we need to be generous with. Two great questions that had us all thinking, reaching deep within our heart, and exposing the beautiful, messy, dark parts of ourselves to the women around us.


After the night drew to a close, I had the opportunity to talk with both Sarah & Caitlin. They are two beautiful, world-changing women. I am constantly humbled and encouraged by the strong women in this world who know who they are, and want to lift others up around them. So thankful that it is those ladies who are paving the way for both the women around them, and the generations to come.

That night, I left with a feeling of being understood. With a sense that women don’t have to compete, but we can all finish this race together. I left feeling encouraged, spurred on, and heck, empowered to continue to walk in who I am.

Thank you, Darling. May your message continue to sink deep into the hearts of women everywhere.

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