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Okay ladies and gents. So as I’ve mentioned before, I love living in the LA area because seriously I feel like everything happens here. It seems like I am constantly getting updates about events, people, places I need to go to, meet, and see in Southern California. Quite a few of the creatives and designers that I have followed over the years live in this area as well!

One of these creatives being Jen Gotch. Jen Gotch is the founder and Creative Director of, but more importantly, she’s just an all around rad creative and artist.

jen9Photo Source

When I first came to LA, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a list of people I would love to meet, and that she was on it. Lucky for me, a couple weeks into my time here, I saw a post on’s blog advertising for Jen Gotch’s art show in Los Angeles:


Okay, to say I was pumped up is an understatement! I knew I would definitely regret not going. So I put gas in the tank, grabbed one of my roommates, and headed out to East LA. Everything about the night was so inspiring, so full of color and vibrance:



The place that the show was held was called Shopclass. I had never heard of it before but it turned out to be a super cool space, filled with vintage finds, hand made items, etc. As we were walking up on the building, I noticed that Jen’s name had been spray painted on the side of the building. It doesn’t get much better than that, people.


Behind this projector was a short film playing on the wall of the building. I was so intrigued by this idea of a sidewalk cinema. One of the people putting it on came up and explained to me that their group is trying to bring the art of film out to where the people are. I loved the concept. Check them out here.

IMG_2147 IMG_2134 IMG_2130

I loved browsing around the store, letting my eyes take in the unique items as well as the different people that filled up Shopclass. So many different types of people made their way out.

IMG_2137 IMG_2135IMG_2143
If you follow along with Jen’s creative and personal life through social media at all, you know it wouldn’t be right to not involve a disco ball. IMG_2139IMG_2145

It was such an amazing night. I loved the experience of seeing one of my favorite creative’s work in person. Lucky for me, the night ended with a brief meeting and conversation with Jen. Super sweet gal, and so happy I got the chance to meet her. Even better, once we walked out of the show, we realized that the artwalk was happening that night (once a month!) and so we got to walk along the streets of Highland Park in LA and see ton’s of art, run into fun vintage shops, sneak into an eighties rock concert (what?), and overall just explore more of the art scene in LA. I’d say it was a pretty good night. Cheers to many more encounters with many more creatives!

You can check out more of Jen’s work through her website, her instagram, or If you want to learn more about her, I personally loved this interview by SF Girl by Bay here

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