Hello, California!

I am seriously kicking myself for not having blogged since I’ve been here in California. If there’s any time I need to be documenting my days, its during a summer spent living in the golden state!

Living in California has been a dream. If there’s any place that I feel was made for me to call home, it’s this place.


I love that my morning routine is to wake up, make coffee, and do quiet time on lifeguard stand no. 52. I love that my eyes adjust to a new morning by watching the surfers start their day on the waves. I love that seeing dolphins here is a regular occurrence. I love the sand. Its soft here.

IMG_1893blog2 IMG_1893blog4

Work has been such an incredible experience so far. I have loved getting to hear the vision behind a company that I’ve loved for so long. Its so much deeper, so much more intentional and impacting than I could have ever imagined. Every staff member is so dedicated, authentic, and driven by this cause of empowering impoverished women. Its a beautiful thing to see, and an incredible cause to be under.

IMG_1893blog5 IMG_1893blog6

Living with and getting to know all of the interns has been amazing. Each of us so different, heading so many different directions, but somehow we all get the privilege of living these summer months together. I am so thankful. And so excited for the days that we have left on this incredible journey..

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