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Krochet Kids Intl. Internship

Hello Friends and Family!


This Summer, I have the opportunity to work with a Non Profit Organization called Krochet Kids as their Social Media & Communications Intern! I would love YOUR help to get there!

Krochet Kids International is an organization working towards social justice through the empowerment of women in both Uganda and Peru. They work with highly vulnerable women who live in poverty stricken regions of the world. The program at Krochet Kids empowers these women with the resources to rise above poverty. The vision is that empowered women transform their families, communities, and the developing world.

Krochet Kids works with these women, teaching them how to crochet various items such as hats, bags, scarves, etc, and sells their products in the US marketplace. Each item is hand signed by the woman that made it.

This incredible program has not just impacted these women for life, but the results it brings are life giving and obvious. Personal income grows to be 10x what it was before, saving levels increase 25x, families are 5x healthier, women are 40% less likely to be abused, and gender equality has risen by 25%.

As a Social Media & Communications Intern, I get to be apart of what this incredible organization is doing. Through communcating the cause visually through outlets such as facebook, twitter, instagram, & blogging, I will get to help raise awareness for this cause. Additionally, I will be learning all the ins and outs of what it takes to run a non profit.

I’m so excited to learn, to grow, and to serve this amazing company. Being a Non Profit, though, theres always a trade off. I will be working through the summer, 40 hours a week, unpaid. I will have to raise support to get to be a part of this life-giving, life changing journey. Thats why I need YOUR HELP! My goal is $3000. This will cover travel expenses from TX to CA and back, rent in the intern house, and living expenses for 3 months.

I’m super excited, and cant believe I am getting to pursue my DREAM internship! I cant wait to have a summer learning how to use my creativity and skills to impact a world thats hurting. If any of you would like to meet up and have me explain more of my heart for this summer, specifics, and logistics, please dont hesitate to contact me!