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colors of the soul | Love Affair

Finally, I had a weekend open up to spend some time painting. I’ve been holding onto this canvas for a while. Its the biggest one I’ve worked on yet, which was pretty exciting. I have been anticipating this particular painting since I did my last self portrait piece. I felt like I was supposed to do a color portrait of the Holy Spirit, but I didnt feel it was time to paint him yet. As the months have gone by, and I have continued to pursue companionship with the Spirit, there is one word that echo’s in my mind: passion. From the day I first met the spirit, to the miracles I see him do, to the communion he brings me into with Jesus & the Father, there is one word that exemplifies all that the Spirit is in my life: passionate. I have been passionately loved and pursued through the Spirit.

ImageAs I began to think about exactly how I wanted to do this piece, I felt a little reluctant doing the Spirit, since its Easter weekend. I asked myself if I actually should be doing a portrait of the Man this weekend is all about. But still, I felt prompted to paint the Spirit. After beginning to paint with this theme of passion in mind, I felt God give me a new name for the piece: Love Affair.


Right in that moment, I felt God tying it all in together. The only reason I have this relationship with the Spirit is because of an immense, relentless, unquenchable passion that had been birthed out of the love of the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.  This rouse of such deep communion, love, & passion in heaven was so vast, so immense, that it had to be poured out on someone, something…humanity. It couldn’t be contained. It had to be spread into others…a scandalous love affair. And to think of the love, the eagerness, in God’s thoughts toward us…that He hated being separated from us, so much so, that He sent His son, the object of his love and affection, to be with the people he so earnestly desired. He did not desire to be without us. And even after his Son’s work was complete on the cross, the Son & the Father decided to send the Spirit, because they didnt desire to be without us.


I’m so thankful that Jesus didn’t rise from the dead just to leave us alone until He comes back. I’m thankful that his longings for us even surpass our longings for him. And because of his deep, deep love and affection, he gave us the beautiful gift of the Holy Spirit. To be our friend, our guide, our council. But, most importantly to tell us the deep things of Gods heart. To reveal to us the affections that lie in the many facets of the Father’s heart. To lead us beyond the curtain, beyond ourselves, where we can dwell in the real, tangible presence of God. I’m thankful to be caught up in such a beautiful love affair.





film diaries | 002

So, apologies for my recent MIA status. Its too easy to get caught up in school, work, social life..pretty much all things other than blogging. Its never been easy for me to make it a priority, but its getting better through the years! Trying to be patient with myself. I finally got a chance to get this film developed while in OKC. The photos were taken a couple months ago but they still bring back warm memories and smiles that take me back to each moment.  Image Image Image Image