Weekend Visitors: Part 1

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of having Hannah & Macaulie, my close friends from home, come out and visit Fayetteville. It was an incredible weekend. I dont think it could have been better, honestly. So thankful for friendships that challenge, honor, and pursue love above all things.

We spent a day at Devils Den State Park, made homemade Thai, ate & drank at all my favorite local restaurants and coffee shops, and most importantly, immersed them in my community. I feel pretty spoiled by the people im surrounded by in Fayetteville, and it meant so much to me for our visitors to get the full experience by spending time with the people who have really held my heart over the past 3 years. Thankful.

Anyways, I got to use my new lens for quite a few occasions this past weekend and will be splitting them up over a few posts. Here are some photos from our time adventuring and hiking in Devils Den:

A day at Devils Den isnt complete without the proper hammocking gear. ^ImageImageImageImage
Having Han here is always so refreshing for me. It meant so much for my friends in Fayetteville to be able to fully embrace someone who means so much to my heart. Currently trying to convince her to transfer here….ImageImageImageImageImage
To end the day, we set up all of our hammocks in a circle overlooking the Ozarks. We laughed, rested, took a few more pictures, and let the oonze curve serenade us with City & Colour. Image
Having these girls here was refreshing to say the least. My spirit needed it. I am so thankful for deep friendships.
I’ll be posting the remainder of the photos of our adventures throughout this week!

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