create // 001

Being an art student, I love to create in and out of the classroom. The point of this blog is to have a place to document the things I create, post things that inspire me, and use the things I create to inspire others to create, too. That being said, at least once a week I want to post a piece of work I’ve done. 

Today I finished a Digital Art project in my Digital Photography class. We had 2 assignments. The first was to bring in interesting items and arrange an interesting composition on a scanner, scan it, and mildly retouch in photoshop. The second part was to scan in the same (or different) objects individually, cut them out in photoshop, and build composition through interesting layers. With a travel bug itching at me constantly these days, I decided to reflect that in my peices. I really enjoyed my final results and today I’ll present the first of the two. 



Nothing too crazy, but maybe something to visually stimulate those creative juices within ya! Like the ‘KEEP EXPLORING’ sticker? A crazy cool couple came and stayed at my house about a month ago. They were finishing up their 6 month long honeymoon roadtripping accross the US in a van. How cool are they? Alex, the husband, started this brand Keep Exploring. Their main product is a flag that looks exactly like the sticker. The idea is to take it on your adventures and document where you go. 

To purchase a sticker or flag, click here. To read about this couples honeymoon adventure, click here for their blog


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