the journey begins

So, here I am: Finally putting together this blog that has been anticipated by me, myself, and I for the past year. Starting a creative blog was number one on my new years resolution list. I’m pretty well pleased to know that something off my annual “maybe i’ll do this” list is actually getting crossed off.

Blogging is something I have always enjoyed. I started my first blog during my freshman year of college when friendships were shallow and life just wasnt as full and radiant as it was prior to leaving home. I started a blog to allow myself to document the moments Β that I wanted to find joy in. A way to pick out the gold in a very grey season. By doing this, I really stepped into the blogging world and found some of the bloggers (mostly graphic designers and photographers) that have become my biggest inspirations over the years when it comes to creativity & lifestyle. After about a year of blogging, school got busy, life got fuller, and blogging took its place on the backburner.

Here I am, 2 years later, so eager to dive back into the blogging world. More than a place to journal, although there will be moments of that, this blog to me is more of an online inspiration journal. A place I can fill with digital inspiration, real life artistic processes, and track personal development in my own life and passions.

“The Colour Journal” is meant to be a place where I record the things that make the moments of life colorful. This could be anything from finding something inspiring, to capturing a day spent with the people I love the most, or documenting my own personal creativity. Whatever it is, I’m excited. I’m excited to inspire and be inspired, to be real and raw, and to really use the creative momentum I’ve been storing up for the past year. Here we go!


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